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La Renaissance de Venus

Inspired by finding 8 forgotten wood type characters in a typography workshop in Paris, I set about identifying the typeface, researching its history and recreating the rest of the font in wood to bring Venus back to life in its original, pre-digital form.


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A typeface created from three geometric modules (with a sans version from only
two modules).

For the poster and cover of the specimen booklet, I screen printed the different modules on sheets of transparent paper, revealing the structure of the typeface.

The rectangular forms created by the square module can be seen as the bones of the typeface, with the curves as the joints which hold it together and the triangular serifs as the skin or features.



A typeface based on the map of Paris.

One letter was found from each arrondissement in order, and the arrondissements renamed accordingly to create a new pocket map book. The first arronidissement became A, the second B, and so on.

As there are only twenty
arrondissements in Paris, the final six letters were taken from the two largest parks, the Bois de Boulogne and the Bois
de Vincennes.