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The Urban Kitchen Gardener

Over 50 illustrations of vegetables, herbs, fruit, leaves and flowers that you can grow easily in urban plots.

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Urban Kitchen GardenerUrban Kitchen Gardener

Friends of the Earth Europe, Energy Savings Campaign

Friends of the Earth asked me to create a series of illustrations and designs in order to encourage European heads of state to support a binding EU target for energy efficiency.

The campaign launched in Brussels in early February 2011 with the President of the EU having a Eureka moment in the bath. I designed accompanying materials including posters, leaflets, masks, stickers and web animations.


maskseureka3 leadersBarroso posterCameron posterSarkozy poster


Paris, New York, London

Conceived as shop window installations, inspired by shadow theatre.



Papercut proverbs

To have eyes bigger than your stomach

Above the clouds the sun is always shining


When the last tree has been cut,
When the last river has been poisoned,
When the last fish has been caught,
Then will we realise that we cannot eat money.

(selected for the 2010 Prix Graphique exhibition by the Institut International Charles Perrault, France)




a set of hand carved rubber stamps, which create two modular typefaces
and limitless illustrations